One Last Chance: Achan

Achan hid what he had stolen and did not admit to his sin when given the chance

Achan hid what he had stolen and did not admit to his sin when given the chance

After the Battle of Jericho, all of the pilfer was “consecrated unto the Lord.”

Achan took some of these devoted items.

Joshua traveled to Ai, where he was directed the items stolen were now being stored.

He directed the people to “consecrate themselves” because “you cannot stand up against your enemies until you remove them.”  The people were given that night to pray and repent in preparation for the sin being exposed.

Slowly the people were broken down by tribe, then clan, then family and finally man by man.

Achan was chosen among all of the people.  Joshua called him out and Achan admitted to his sin.  He told Joshua where the items were hidden and messengers were sent to retrieve the items.

Achan was stoned for his sin

Achan was stoned for his sin

Achan, his sons and daughters, his cattle and all of his possessions were stoned to death by the people of Israel.

Over Achan they “heaped up a large pile of rocks, which remains to this day.” {Joshua 7}

So what can we learn from Achan?

  1. God will judge our sin
  2. Our sin affects more than just ourselves
  3. Our sin can cause God’s blessings to leave us
  4. Greed brings trouble on those we associate with
  5. There are dire circumstances for disobeying God
  6. We often miss opportunities when we could receive a second chance
  7. Sin will be exposed



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