Personal F.A.Q.

How do you pronounce Leagh?

Leagh is the Celtic spelling of Lee or Leigh.  It is pronounced the same way as Lee or Leigh.

What do you do in your day job?

I am a former certified activities director for a Skilled Nursing and Rehab facility.  Recently, I began a new job as a Volunteer Coordinator for a hospice company.

In the past I’ve also been a music teacher, Minister of Music, travel agent, and caregiver.

What is your degree in?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education and Music Performance from Lander University.

Where are you from?

The short answer, South Carolina.  My Dad was a Baptist minister and I’ve lived all over the state.  Currently I live in the upstate area.

Why is caregiving so important to you?

I began caring for my grandmother 20 years ago when she had a brain tumor.  She has overcome many obstacles and her level of care has varied over the years.  She is currently 98.5 years old.

I also assisted in the care of my Dad’s parents.  After leaving an abusive relationship I worked as a paid caregiver for over four years and activities director for over seven years.

What is your favorite movie?

I love a variety of movies, but older films and classics are my favorites.  My two favorites all time movies are The Sound of Music and Gone with the Wind.

What do you read?

I love to read and read a variety of books and styles.  I especially enjoy Christian fiction, Historical fiction, Scottish historical and cozy mysteries.  I also enjoy reading biographies and non-fiction books.

What type of music do you enjoy?

As with most things, my taste is eclectic.  Pretty much if it’s before the 1990s I like it.  Seriously, I love Christian music and Scottish music.  I also love Show tunes, the oldies, the Crooners {such as Bing Crosby, Doris Day and Frank Sinatra}, and groups such as The Carpenters and The Beach Boys.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy spending time with family.  I also enjoy genealogy research, reading, writing, embroidery, arts and crafts, and singing.  When I need a break, I often take day trips through the country {and often conduct genealogy research}, go for a walk, meet up with friends or go have a mani/pedi.

Are you married?

I married at a young age, but the relationship quickly soured.  We were too young and I was too rebellious when I married him and within two years of marrying, we divorced.  You can read my story of domestic violence on my blog.  After choosing the wrong guy more than once and making numerous bad decisions, I have learned to trust God.  He has sustained me and if he has a man for me, then he will bring him into my life when the time is right.

Do you have children?

No.  I always wanted children, but it has not happened.  I am a decade older than my sister and brother, who are the children of my heart.  I’ll gladly brag on them and their children.

Why is Scotland so special to you?

There are two reasons Scotland means so much to me.

The first is this is where many of my ancestors are from.  When I visited the country, I felt a connection to the ancestors and a feeling of being home that I’ve never felt elsewhere.

The second reason is even more special.  I was in Edinburgh, Scotland for a visit in 2008, when I was broken.  I entered a nearby kirk {church} where I spent time with God.  By the time I was finished I had re-surrendered my life to God.