About Leagh

Diana Leagh Matthews

I was raised in a loving Christian home, daughter of a Baptist Minister. At the age of five, I gave my heart and life to Christ.

As adulthood approached I rebelled and made a lot of bad decisions that have impacted  my life. This included a short-lived marriage as a teenager and a long term abusive relationship. Due to these issues, I have greatly struggled with depression, my weight, financial issues, self-esteem, etc. I was determined to do it my way for a long time, but God finally broke me and I re-surrendered my life to Christ. This is why I say from Rebel to Redeemed on my tag line.

My dream was always to be a wife and mother, but that has not happened. I do have my hands full helping Mama care for my 98 year old grandmother. I am a decade older than my siblings and love them as my own children. I have the most adorable nephews and niece, I’ll gladly brag about.

God called me to the ministry as a young adult, but I fought Him on this. I finally surrendered after I re-surrendered my life to Christ. God used my anger years ago to lead me into a career of writing. Although I’d been telling myself stories and acting them out since childhood, I had no idea God would work in such an amazing way.

I live in upstate South Carolina.

When not working I enjoy time with family and friends, reading, crafting, singing, watching old movies, walking and embroidery.

I feel blessed that God has called me to a career where I can utilize the talents he’s blessed me with and has given me a passion for.

Leagh is the Celtic Variation of Lee, Leah, or Leigh and pronounced the same way as the other spellings.

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