Bibilical Character Profiles

Biblical Character Monologues

Leah:  The Unloved Wife
                 Leagh knows what it’s like to be unloved and unwanted in a marriage. Through this character re-enactment you will discover how to lean on God for comfort and hope.

Michal: A Hardened Heart
Michal, the first wife of David, was filled with love for her husband. However, her circumstances hardened her heart and she cost her all she ever wanted and more.

 Woman at the Well: Filling the Broken Spaces
          She was an outcast and broken. Until she met Jesus and he healed those broken spaces.

Mary Magdalene: Liberated from her Past
                 Mary Magdalene lived on the outskirts of town filled with demons. Until Jesus healed her and she became one of his followers. Her faith took her all the way to the cross and resurrection.

Martha: Learned to Be Still
                 Martha is known as being the doer. She was the sister to Mary and Lazarus and a friend of Jesus. She had to learn what it meant to be still in the Lord’s presence and wait on His timing.

*Other profiles available upon request