Second Chances: John Mark

We are told about John Mark in the book of Acts.  Actually he is referred to as “John whose other name was Mark”  in three different places of scripture.

But who was he?

John Mark walked away on a mission. Later he would accept the call to serve Gd.

John Mark walked away on a mission. Later he would accept the call to serve Gd.

There’s a lot we don’t know!

What we do know is:

He was raised in a Christian home.  He traveled with Barnabas and Saul to fulfill their message.  However, when they left again he turned back and returned to Jerusalem.  We don’t know why he turned back, but it is assumed he did not feel ready to carry the gospel.

Later, he did travel with the men when they went to Pamphylia.  Barnabas wanted him with them.  Paul did not want him to accompany them and a sharp contention arose and they parted ways.  Barnabas and Mark sailed for Cyprus, while Paul and Silas traveled together.

2 Timothy suggest that John Mark worked through his struggle and he and Paul later worked together.

So what can we learn from John Mark?

  1. Even the best intentions can lead to a severe break
  2. We can begin to doubt our calling. Often we run from our God ordained calling
  3. We have to count the consequences and cost of our actions
  4. We can battle with the calling of the Holy Spirit
  5. We cannot hurry God’s timing
  6. We need to make sure our motive is pure
  7. Our actions can cause rifts, even once we’ve accepted our mission
  8. Even when we run from our calling, God can change us and use our gifts for his calling
  9. Reconciliation and forgiveness can occur
  10. We need to be absolutely sure of our calling
  11. God strengthens us for the ministry He has laid out for us
  12. Trouble occur when we get out of the will of God

How has God called you to serve him?




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