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Diana Leagh Matthews has loved history for as long as she can remember.  She believes that we have to learn from the mistakes of the past, to move forward in the future and not repeat them.  From a young age she has enjoyed reading biographies and about various historical events.

At the age of twelve she was intrigued to discover that she was related to Davy Crockett  {he was the brother-in-law of her 4th great-grandfather}.  By the age of twenty she was already researching her own family.  Starting at such a young age, she was lucky enough to be able to start with her eight great-grandparents {two of whom she’d known}.

Leagh has been able to take most of her lines back very far, and often to their roots overseas.  She is proud to be able to trace all of her lines back to at least the mid to early 1800s.

She’s burst through a number of family tree brick walls, but still has many more mysteries that intrigue her.

Using her creative talents she has presented a number of interactive history programs and is the author of History Made Real: 500+ Interactive Ideas.

You can learn more about her services or purchase how to e-books through her company ALookThruTime.


ALookThruTime focuses on history, genealogy and the past.

Services include genealogy researching, speaking engagements and re-enactments.   Leagh also helps people search for missing heirs, plan family reunions, and educate on historical events.

ALookThruTime blogs on life in various time periods throughout history.   Our goal is to educate you on what life was like during that time.