On September 18, 2021, Talatha Baptist Church , was privileged to have Leagh Matthews speak at our ladies conference.  The “woman at the well” stepped right out of the pages of the Bible and into our church sanctuary.  Leagh did a wonderful job portraying a woman we all had read about so many times and after hearing Leagh, we had a deeper understanding of the “woman at the well.” When she finished, we were all ready to “rejoice in the Lord” which was our theme.  Leagh also is a gifted singer and  blessed us with her beautiful voice.  Leagh is also a delight to work with, and as the WMU leader for Talatha Baptist church, I would recommend Leagh as a speaker.

Sandy Randall
WMU Director
Talatha Baptist Church
Aiken, South Carolina

Vonda“Diana Leagh Matthews removes the mask and shares her story of hope and healing from her own deepest pain. With a heart for the hurting, she encourages women to forget the past and move into the future God has for them. “ Vonda Skelton, Speaker and author ;Christian Communicators Co-Director, author of  Seeing Through the Lies, Unmasking the Myths Women Believe and the Bitsy Series

]Glenda Mills “Leagh’s warm personality and love for Jesus is evident to all who know her. She is a gifted vocalist, speaker, writer, and genealogist who loves to share her journey of overcoming adversity through word and song.” Glenda Mills

] Verna Bowman“Leagh is a gifted speaker, writer, and songstress. Her uplifting message is undergirded by her passionate music ministry. She blesses her audience with quiet grace and talent. It was my honor to spend time with her at the Christian Communicators Conference. In addition, she encourages women with her inspiring blog, a weekly gift she shares with all!” Verna Bowman, author of Crumbs Along the Broken Path

Marcia Gaddis “Leagh captured my heart with her music. Her voice is pure and trusting in the One who gives music to our souls. Listen and allow her to capture your heart.” Marcia Gaddis, author of When God Comes Near

Carolyn Knefely“Leagh, has an amazing story to tell, a song to sing and a heart for her Beloved Savior. She touches her audiences with sincerity, a life filled with faith and encouragement to take the next step with Christ’s side.” Carolyn Knefely, co-director of Christian Communicators Conference and Go with Vision

Barb“Leagh is a child of God who loves and desires to use her many gifts in helping and building others up. She has a heart to see others walk into their full potential through music and life coaching. Her gift to help others can also be seen in her web designs. She listen to the needs and goals each client seeks and brings it all together in a professional way. Whether your needs are for music ministry, life coaching or a web design, Leagh brings her love for God and desire to help others with her.”  Barbara Sybil, ComingJoy Ministry, Life Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker.

Adrianna Vermillian“Listening to Leagh is like seeing straight into her heart. She is able to draw the audience into passionate worship and bring you into that moment of reflection. Leagh is talented, passionate and very dedicated to the gifts the Lord blessed her with.” Adrianna Vermillion, author of I Can Potty

Teri McHargue “Leagh sings with power and passion. She is a skilled vocalist whose song choices reveal her personal testimony of God’s work in her life.” Teri McHargue


  From  Christian Communicators Conference 
Out of this World!
Beautifully Honest!
You came alive!
Moving, Touching!
Love your sincerity
You bring us into the presence of the Lord!
Awesome! Your eyes sparkle as you sing to the Lord!
It was the joy on your face that blessed me above and beyond the song!
Your love for God shines through!