Biblical Application Speaking Topics

 Biblical Application Speaking Topics

Leagh: In Concert
Leagh shares her testimony of abuse, rebellion and depression through song and word.

Walking in HIS Kind of Love
Jesus greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart and then to love your neighbor as yourself.  This isn’t always easy, and there are just some people that seem downright unloveable.  Leagh takes a look at these commandments and shares her own experiences with loving difficult people, all while learning to love herself.
{Includes several songs}

Implementing the Fruits of the Spirit
           It’s so easy to live in the way of the world.  Leagh takes life lessons to learn to live according to the fruits of the spirit.
{Can be used for one or multiple sessions}

The Women of Jesus’ Family
Leagh shares the story of these remarkable women in Jesus lineage and how God can use even the least of us to accomplish his will.
{Can be used for one or multiple sessions}

An Anchor in Life’s Storms
Life throws numerous curve balls our way.  Without an anchor it is easy to be tossed about searching for relief.  There is only one anchor that will help us through the storm, as Leagh shares stories of Jesus love and how he has seen her through.

When God Has a Different Plan
Leagh charted her course and set out to fulfill her dreams, but discovered that was not the plans God had for her.  She had to choose whether to follow her will or God’s will.

Waiting on God
Do you feel as if your life is on hold?  Are you waiting for that next phase of your life? Leagh has been there on multiple occasions. She shares tips she has learned and steps she was able to take to continue moving forward.  She also shares how she worked to keep her relationship with God fresh and not allow it to become stale in the monotony of daily living.
{Can be used for workshops also}

Lessons from Heroes of Faith  
Leagh takes a look at Heroes of the Faith, both in the Bible and in the centuries since then that have shaped the faith.
{Can be used for one or multiple sessions}

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