Blog Purpose

The purpose of my ministry and blog is to Tell the Story about overcoming adversity and share inspirational stories through the use of sharing my own struggles and sharing stories using Life Application and Biblical Application.

My goal is to offer encouragement and support to other women.  Regardless of what your struggle is or the situation{s} you are facing at the moment, I want you to realize you are not alone.  There are others that understand and have been there.

I try to shed light on various topics that others are too embarrassed to talk about.  These include, but are not limited to, domestic violence, depression, forgiveness, loving as Christ loves and life as the prodigal child.

I use Biblical application to share hope and promise in God’s word.  Through exploring the lives of Biblical characters, I hope to show that we are not alone and they had the same struggles we face today.  There are lessons we can learn from the Biblical characters, in addition to other attributes of living as God commands us to live.

I welcome guest posters and submissions, in order to offer encouragement and support to others.  If you would like to share a story with my readers check out my submission guidelines.