Behind the Hymn: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place

myfaithhasfoundarestingplaceThis week’s hymn was inspired by a very special man, who had a great love for music but an even greater love for God.  Although I only knew him the last year of his life, that love of both God and music was still evident.  His children introduced me to this beautiful hymn and informed me this was one of his favorite songs and we would sing it often.  According to his children, he rested in God in ALL things and all of his favorite songs were about resting in God.  I’m sure his years of service as a missionary in both South Africa and the Cayman Islands greatly tested this faith at times.

The author of the hymn is often listed as Lidie H. Edmunds, the pen name for Eliza Edmunds Hewitt.

Hewitt was born on June 28, 1851 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eliza Hewitt

Eliza Hewitt

Upon graduation she became a teacher, but shortly thereafter suffered a serious spinal problem when a student struck her with a heavy slate.  She was an invalid for the remainder of her life, even though she was able to partially recover.

She continued to live in Philadelphia and turned to hymn writing.  She was a regular contributor to various Sunday School publications.

She also served as Sunday School superintendent for a church and home for orphaned children.

On April 24, 1920 she died and was buried at the Woodlands Cemetery.

My Faith Has Found a Resting Place was published in 1891 book Songs of Joy and Gladness, No. 2.  The tune is a Norwegian folk melody, “Norse Air” written by Andre Ernest Modeste Gretry, a Belgain opera composer.  “Norse Air” tune also goes by the titles “No Other Plea” and “Landas”.

William James Kirkpatrick arranged the melody for the hymn, My Faith Has Found a Resting Place.

Jesus diedAfter the initial publication, the song is not known to be reprinted until the 1944 hymnal, Choice Hymns of the Faith. 

One can only imagine how her own experiences inspired the faith and lyrics for this song.

Hewitt is well known for a number of her other hymns, including “When We All Get to Heaven,” “Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown,” “More About Jesus,” and “Sunshine in My Soul.”

In an article I read her great-nephew describes the hymns as, “the best statement of faith that exists in hymns.”

This hymn was definitely a statement of faith for my dear friend.  He lived a life of service and now is worshipping face to face with our Savior.

What hymn is your statement of faith?  Where have you found your resting place?


  • Thanks for sharing more of the story/person behind this hymn! This hymn came to mind today as I’ve been wrestling with new ideas and perspectives in the Lenten devotional I’m reading this year. I enjoy opportunities to contemplate different theological perspectives and I’m grateful that my salvation rests in Jesus’ grace, not in my ability to know/understand everything about God!

  • Thanks for sharing some of the story/person behind this hymn. I found these lyrics especially encouraging today, and it was fun to learn more about Eliza Hewitt.

  • Thanks for sharing! I just thought to know the story behind this hymn and i have come to know that Eliza Edmunds Hewit suffered a debilitating injury but still in such condition could pen this hymn. I have played it over over and again, this morning from a sermon preached by Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Center last Sunday. She acknowledged that her faith was resting in Jesus! Her story made me shed more tears this morning in my office.

  • Edem Chukwudi Fidelis

    The song of Eliza Hewitt is so inspirational, tears of living faith come to me each time I hear this song.It is about the ultimate price of our salvation. It is enough that Jesus died

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