Christmas Topics

The Three Gifts 
Leagh shares the three gifts of Christmas discussing not only the Three Gifts of the Magi, but also the three gifts Christ provides man kind with the gift of his birth. 

Putting “Christ” Back into Christmas
We live in a day and age when it’s a “me” world.  However, Christmas is all about the birth of Christ.  Leagh shares ways to put Christ back into Christmas. 

The Joy of Christmas
Celebrate the joy of Christmas and the Messiah’s birth with Leagh through song.  

Lessons from Mary, the Mother of Jesus 
Leagh shares the story of Mary, the virgin girl that gave birth to the Messiah, raised him, followed his teachings and watched her heart break as her son hung on the cross.  Yet, even then her story is not over.  Leagh shares lessons we can learn from the Mother of Jesus.