Second Chances: Rahab

Sometimes life and circumstances takes us down roads we would not have chosen.   We do not know the reason Rahab became a prostitute, but we do know that God used her and redeemed her.  She is one of four women listed in the genealogy of Jesus.  She is even listed in the Faith Hall of Fame that can be found in Hebrews 11.Rahab lowers the spies

We first meet Rahab when she is described as a prostitute.  The Israelite spies enter her house to spy on the land.  Instead of turning them into the King of Jericho, she protects them and hides them.  When the time comes for them to leave, she tells them how to safely escape.  She recognized the spies were the people of the Lord, and asked that she and her family be spared. We are not told how she’d come to know about the Lord, but she was definitely aware of Him.

Imagine the task she had in gathering all of her family together and keeping them there while the Israelites marched around the city for seven days.  She hung the scarlet chord in her window, the way she was commanded, and her household was kept safe.

We know that Rahab went on to marry Salmon and have a son, Boaz.  Boaz would marry Ruth and have a son Obed.  Obed was the grandfather to King David.

Rahab took a step of faith and showed courage in protecting the spies and helping them.  She showed love for her family when asking for their protection.  God rewarded and redeemed Rahab and honored her faith. scarlet chord

So what can we learn from Rahab?

  1. Stepping out in faith takes courage
  2. We need courage to overcome the past
  3. Courage is needed to change the course of your life
  4. Assuming risk takes courage
  5. Love protects family
  6. Love covers a multitude of sins
  7. Love can be felt down through the generations
  8. God can use the most unlikely people for his purposes
  9. True faith requires action
  10. True faith may mean setting priorities that are against the world
  11. God can transform our lives
  12. God can turn our failures into positives for Him

How has God asked you to step out in faith for Him?

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