One Last Chance: Korah

Korah was one of the conspirators that rebelled against Moses.

Korah led a rebellion against Moses

Korah led a rebellion against Moses

He was a descendant of Levi, one of the sons of Jacob {Israel}.

Numbers 16 tells us that Korah was one of the leaders to oppose Moses.   Aaron called him out and told them, “you have gone too far…why do you set yourselves above the Lord’s assembly?”

Moses told Korah that he had to appear before the Lord.

The Lord told Moses and Aaron to “separate yourselves from the assembly,” so He could deal with them.

God caused the ground beneath the men to split open and swallowed “them and their households, and all of those associated with Korah, together with everything they owned.”

Some of the Israelites did not like what happened to Korah.  They complained to Moses, but God told Moses to “depart from the multitude.”  God then sent a plague and over fourteen thousand people died.

We are told in Numbers 26 that “the line of Korah…did not die out.”

Those that rebelled against Moses were swallowed by the earth

Those that rebelled against Moses were swallowed by the earth

So what lessons can we learn from Korah?

  1. God’s judgement is swift
  2. Our actions will be called out
  3. We can be destroyed because of our association with others
  4. We have to take a stand for our belief—rather right or wrong
  5. God is the ultimate decider of good and evil
  6. We are to separate ourselves from those that do wrong
  7. God will deal with us


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