Behind the Hymn: He Hideth My Soul

He Hideth My Soul was written by Fanny Crosby, a popular hymn writer.

Fanny Crosby

He Hideth My Soul may have been Crosby’s prayer throughout her life. While a renowned songwriter, her life was not easy.

As an infant, Fanny Crosby lost her eyesight due to fever and poor ministrations in her care. She lived the rest of her life blind, but later stated “If I had a choice, I would still choose to remain blind…for when I die, the first face I will ever see will be the face of my blessed Saviour.”

As a young woman she went to the New York Institution for the Blind. While there she met Alexander Van Alystyne, who joined the faculty alongside her. She later wrote “After hearing several of my poems he became deeply interested in my work; and I after listening to his sweet strains of music became interested in him. Thus we soon grew to be very concerned for each other…love met love, and all the world was changed. We were no longer blind, for the light of love showed us where the lilies bloomed.”

The couple were married on March 5, 1858. The couple had a child who died as an infant. Fanny mourned the loss of her child for the remainder of her life.

Sadly, her marriage did not last and the couple eventually separated.

Fanny is said to have been full of energy, joy and have a zest for life. One biographer said “Even in extreme old age, she would tire out people twenty or thirty years her junior.”

He Hideth My Soul is proof that Fanny Crosby relied on the Lord and turned to him for strength, comfort and renewal of the spirit and soul.

Fanny Crosby remained active in speaking and ministry until her death in 1915. She wrote over 8,000 hymns over the course of her life.

William J. Kirkpatrick provided the music for this beautiful hymn. He composed the music for many of her hymns.


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