Behind the Song: Until Then

Until Then is one of the songs that can climb into my head and remain for days. I can’t help but sing the lyrics on my heart.

Until Then, also sometimes referred to as My Heart Can Sing When I Pause to Remember, was written by Carl Stuart Hamblen.

Stuart Hamblen

Stuart Hamblen

Stuart Hamblen was born on October 20th, 1908 in Kellyville, Texas. He was the son of a traveling Methodist minister. His career began in 1926, when he became the first singing cowboy on the radio in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas radio stations.

By 1931, he was on the radio from Hollywood, CA as “Cowboy Joe.” For the next 21 years, he would have three radio shows that stayed at the top of the charts. They were “Covered Wagon Jubilee”; “Stuart Hamblen and His Lucky Stars”; and the “Cowboy Church of the Air”. He wrote numerous western songs for the radio during this time period.

Hamblen also began to star in motion pictures alongside names such as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and John Wayne.

In 1933, he married Veeva Ellen Daniels, whom he would nickname “My Suzy”.

He became the first artist signed to Deeca records in 1934.

He made history in 1945, when he became the first man to fly his racing horse, El Lobo, for a race. The horse won and he flew him back home.

Until ThenIn 1949, he met evangelist Billy Graham and encouraged his listeners to attend the Billy Graham Crusades that were being held in the area. Promising to be there, his wife, Suzy, kept him to his word. During this time God began to knock on his heart and while he tried to run away, eventually he surrendered his life to God.

In the early 1950s, his radio show was in national syndication when his sponsors tried to force him to allow his commercial spots to promote alcoholic products. Hamblen refused and his show was canceled, but not before Hamblen had the opportunity to tell his listeners why he was leaving the airways.

Always one for an adventure, he ran for President of the United States in 1952. He ran on the Prohibition Party and came in 4th to Dwight Eisenhower.

Stuart and his wife, Suzy, lived on their ranch in Santa Clarita, CA. There they raised both of their daughters, Veeva and Lisa Obee, and watched the expansion of their family with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. On the ranch he bred Peruvian Paso Horses. His horse, AEV Oro Negro+, was a U.S. National Champion of Champions three times.

Hamblen continued to produce his weekly nationally syndicated radio program,“Cowboy Church of the Air”.

Hamblen died on March 8,1989. He and Suzy were married for fifty-five years. She would died on June 2, 2008 at the age of 101.

Hamblen wrote other hits such as It is no secret what God can do and Teach Me, Lord, to Wait. He has been inducted into numerous Hall of Fames.

Until Then has been published in at least four hymnals and various other songbooks.


  • Linda Kern

    Thank you for giving such a detailed description of my much beloved song “Until Then”. No wonder I am so drawn to it, a cowboy wrote it! It was my daddy’s and now my favorite song.

  • John J. Flanagan

    Do you know who I could contact if I were to sing it and play it on my guitar….just to share it on YouTube? What copyright ownership would I need to contact? Can you guide me? Thank you, and God bless.
    John Joseph Flanagan. Clifton Park, NY.

    • Hi John,
      I don’t know the rules about singing for YouTube. I’d recommend contacting the publisher who published the song and asking them. I hope this helps.

  • Chris Lively

    Such a Beautiful Song. A few nights ago the Lord waked me about 3:30 am! He placed the song
    Until Then on my heart! I began rejoicing at it!
    And singing it . what a Blessing. What an Awesome God I serve. Jesus my Lord!
    🙏🏻 Chris Lively

  • Hi Leagh,
    Such a great tribute to Stuart, and to this phenomenal song. It it one of the 6 songs that Billy Graham chose to have sung at his funeral 5 years ago. Thank you for the bio on Mr. Hamblen, and the info on the song! Blessings!

  • Cary B

    Hi..I woke up with a verse of this song on my mind. My pastor who passed a way in 1981 used to sing it. He was very great man his name was Chester Hensley in Nederland Texas. I miss him often. I got online to find more about the song, and found your website. Thanks so much for sharing the info about this song. God Bless You…..Cary

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