Faithful Heroes: John Newton

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow, I thought it would be fitting to study a faithful hero who was both a slave and a slave trader, before he gained freedom in Christ.   He then worked to abolish the institution of slavery in Great Britain.   Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound that saved a wretch like […]

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Behind the Hymn Sunday: There Is A Fountain

Have you ever been under so much stress that it caused a mental breakdown? That’s what happened to William Cowper {pronounced Cooper} while preparing for his bar exam. His breakdown was so complete that he was admitted to an insane asylum until he recovered. During his time in the asylum his life was forever changed when he came to know […]

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From Rebel to Redeemed

Are you Rebellious?

Have you ever thought that you knew better than God? I spent a lifetime thinking I knew best and refusing to even consult him on matters. When I first met my ex, God tried to get my attention. He and everyone else wanted to warn me that I was being deceived, but I refused to hear it. Short of striking […]

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