Hymn Story: God Moves in a Mysterious Way

William Cowper

God Moves in a Mysterious Way was written by William Cowper.

Cowper wrote a poem titled “Light Shining Out of Darkness” in 1773. he poem consist of six verses.

This poem is believed to be the source for the hymn God Moves in Mysterious Ways, which was part of the opening line of he poem. He wrote the hymn to comfort people who endured tragedy or suffering.

He often suffered from depression. His life was not easy, losing his mother at the age of six, not getting along with his minister father and intimidated by he prospect of taking the law exam his depression increased.

What mysteries has God worked in your life?

The poem is the last hymn text written by Cowper before he was onset with a depressive illness. He attempted suicide by drowning.

John Newton published the poem in 1774 in his Twenty-six Letters on Religious Subjects; to which are added Hymns.

William Cowper died on April 25, 1800 in England.

The opening words to this hymn has become an adage in the face of adversity.

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