Behind the Song: All Because of God’s Amazing Grace

Stephen Adams felt the call to write gospel music from the tender age of eight years old.  By the time he finished college, he was writing and performing with Doug Oldham, the Slaughters, and Bill and Gloria Gaither.AllBecauseofGod'sAmazingGrace

On a way to a concert with these other performers, he began to ponder his career and how blessed he felt.  During the concert, Henry Slaughter took his wife, Hazel’s hand and said in part, “everything we are and everything we hope to be is because of God’s amazing grace at work in our lives.”

Adams recalls “I remember being struck by that thought because God was being good to me.  I was experiencing His grace at work in the life of my young family.”

After the concert he mulled over the words for a while and realized he had “the theme for a song.”  He went home, sat at his piano and composed the song.  He then called his wife at work and sung it to her over the phone.

The Speer Family were the first to record the song, but it has since been recorded by numerous performers.

The first two verses are a rewording of verses from John Newton’s popular, Amazing Grace.

All Because of God’s Amazing Grace reminds us of all that God has done for us and that we’ll see him again someday.

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