Widen Your Horizons

Are you willing to try new things?

My mother and I travelled half way across the country last December when my brother graduated from seminary.  In celebration of this momentous occasion my brother took us to several decadent restaurants.  We don’t normally eat French, German, Indian and Mediterranean foods.  However, we were open to these different cultures and foods.  While it is not something I want daily, I am definitely willing to try these dishes again.    

In life there are many differences, especially in America where we have such a mixture of cultures.  Even on something as simple as television, we have a huge array of variety.  Not everything is going to appeal to us {nor should it}, however there’s no reason we can’t be willing and open to trying something different.

When we try something different from what we are used to, we are:

  1. Widening our horizons
  2. Opening our minds to other thoughts and cultures
  3. Able to converse with others on a wider range of subjects
  4. Trying new things
  5. Possibly finding new interest
  6. Discovering more about ourselves  {both our likes and dislikes}
  7. Exposes us to things we’ve never tried {been exposed to} before
  8. We may learn something new
  9. Helps us to grow
  10. If nothing else it might give you a good story to tell later
  11. Gives you something new to do with a loved one and/or friend
  12. You might get some new ideas of your own

There are times when we may need to try something more than once to allow that subject to grow on us.  There are other times when we will discover that we just don’t like this person/food/hobby/idea/subject/game/etc no matter how hard we try.  You can at least say you tried this subject and it’s not for you.

Be open to others and willing to try new things.  You may discover you have a new passion or interest you never expected.

David has a reminder for us: Teach me good judgment and knowledge: for I have believed thy commandments.” Psalms 119:66 (KJV)    

While expanding our horizons is a good thing, don’t fall into the devil’s trap.  He’s waiting for you to fall, so he can pull your farther down.  If the activity is questionable or ungodly run away before you enter into the devil’s lair.

What can you do today to expand your horizons?

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