When You Are Angry At God

Last week, we discussed being alone and I shared to turn to God during that time.

However, what happens when you are angry at God?

If you’ve never been angry at God then bless you.

Job was angry at God

However, at some point, something has happened in which you have probably been angry at God.

In the Bible, Job was angry with God when everything was taken away from him.  He let God know how he felt, yet through it all Job remained faithful to God and refused to curse God.  In the end, Job was rewarded for his faithfulness.

More than once I’ve been angry at God for various things that have happened.  Some of these events I had control over and some of them I had no control over.

So, what did I do when I was angry at God?

Job refused to curse God, even when his friends told him too

  • I told him. I let him know I was angry and why I was angry.
  • I told him what I wanted. While I normally did not get what I wanted, I still told God.
  • I told him what I wished he would have done. This didn’t solve the problem, but I was keeping the lines of expression open.

So, why did I tell God I was angry at him?

  • Well, first off—He already knew
  • It kept the lines of communication open between us
  • This was a great form of expression
  • I was still turning to Him, even when it didn’t seem that way
  • It was better to vent to God then to anyone else

    After his trial, Job was blessed by God

At the end of his suffering,  “Then Job answered the Lord: ‘I know that thou canst do all things, and that no purpose of thine can be thwarted.'” He submits to God’s absolute sovereignty: that can do whatever he pleases, and is not constrained by anything outside himself.”   {Job 42:1-2}

What do you say when you are angry at God?

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