When You Feel All Alone

There have been many times when I have felt all alone.  During this time depression set in and I could not seem to shake it.

This was greatest when I was in my abusive relationship, but that is far from the only time I’ve felt that way.  However, that is where I’m going to focus at the moment.

Do you are living in your own personal jail?

  1. As I shared last week, I was cut off from my family and friends
  2. My freedom to come and go as I chose was cut off and I had to depend on others
  3. I had no financial freedom
  4. Even when at work, I was constantly checked up on
  5. My online activity was closely monitored and censored
  6. I was not allowed to use the telephone or to reach out to others
  7. I was emotionally, mentally and verbally beaten down
  8. No matter how much I proved my love and loyalty, it was never shown in return
  9. I felt used and taken advantage of, lied to and used

This is enough to break anyone’s spirit and make them feel alone.

The Lord hears our prayers

Regardless of how alone you feel or how helpless the situation seems, there is one who cares.  That is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Matthew 21:22 says, “whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

No matter how alone you feel, you can turn to Jesus and share your troubles with him.  Ask him to reveal the truth to you and show you His will in this situation.

Who do you turn to when you feel all alone?

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