Movie Review: War Room

The Kendrick brother’s newest film, War Room, is a movie everyone needs to see.War room

The film focuses on Elizabeth and Tony, a married couple that are struggling.  Tony is too consumed with work and distracted by women to put much work into his marriage.  Their ten year old daughter, Danielle, feels neglected.  Elizabeth meets, Miss Clara, when she goes to sell her house.  Miss Clara takes her under her wing and begins to mentor Elizabeth and to teach her how to pray.  She shares her own failures and heartaches from not being a faithful prayer warrior earlier in her life.  Elizabeth prepares her own war room and begins to pray for her husband, marriage and family.  In time deceit is brought to light and the family strives to find a way to heal.

While the message is serious, there are many moments in the film that are light hearted and will make you laugh.  The message is brought to life with honest and realistic betrayals, without coming across as preachy or condemning.

We are told in Matthew 6:6 that God sees what we do in private and honors us publically.  War Room will teach you how to prepare your own war room and to use prayer and scripture to transform not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

The movie has a stellar cast featuring Priscilla Shriver, T.C. Stallings, Alex Kendrick, and Karen Abercrombie.  There are even brief guests spots including Beth Moore, Kelsey Kingsbury Kupecky, and Stephen Kendrick.

I loved the Kendrick Brothers previous movies of FlywheelFacing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous, but War Room hit it out the park.

The message is powerful enough that I promise you will not leave changed.

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