Book Review: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Once again Debbie Macomber has a hit on her hands with her Christmas book, The Twelve Days of Christmas. 

Julie Padden tries to get along with everyone, but her neighbor Cain Maddox presents a

particular challenge.

He is rude to her at every turn and tries her patience.

Julia starts a blog called The Twelve Days of Christmas and attempts to go out of her way

Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Twelve Days of Christmas by Debbie Macomber

to be nice to Cain and humanize him.

Soon her blog is an online sensation and her continuous kindness begins to chip away at Cain’s gruff facade.

When she finds herself falling for him she realizes she has to tell him the truth.  Will he be able to overcome her betrayal to risk love?

Once again Debbie Macomber has another Christmas hit on her hands.

The story is an easy and light hearted read, but has a powerful message about the power of kindness.  We can all take a lesson from Julia and Cain in the power of going the extra mile, lending a helping hand, providing a friendly smile and being kind to our friends and neighbors.

Both Julia and Cain have their own past hurts and pains and is a reminder that we all have a past that is hidden by the exterior. Only once we begin to chip back that outside layer do we begin to reveal the inner individual and heart.

My only complaint was this wasn’t a Hallmark movie this year.  I could see the picture playing in my head as I read the book.

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