Book Review: Sweet On You

After following her sister’s journey’s to love and unraveling family mysteries, it is finally chocolate shop owner, Britt Bradford’s turn.

Sweet on You is the story of Britt Bradford and her best friend and best selling author, Zander. He has been away for eighteen months and returns upon the death of his uncle. However, everything isn’t as it seems and the two set out to find the truth and unravel the mystery.

Plus, Britt’s chocolate creations sound so scrumptious they make your mouth water.

This is a great conclusion to the Bradford Sister’s series. We also get to catch up with Nora and John {True to You} and Willow and Corbin {Falling for You}.

Becky Wade is an amazing writer and keeps you turning the page. My favorite are the little messages she provides at the end of each chapter, whether it is through text messages, emails or newspaper articles there is always something interesting to garner and take the story deeper.

If you enjoy a mystery or a sweet love story, I highly recommend this book and the entire series.

I’m excited to discover she has a novella to compliment the series, Because of You, which follows Maddie Winslow’s journey for love. I look forward to delving into this Christmas love story.

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