Seeing the Change

After asking “God please help me to find the joy only you can provide,” I began to see a change.

God is the source that can help us change and heal

God is the source that can help us change and heal

I’m not saying that I’m perfect and life never gets difficult.  There are times when life is very hard and the circumstances do bring me down.

However, I was discovering that even when things did not go my way, I had that joy deep down.

I knew this wasn’t my doing because I’d tried to change that for years.  This was God’s doing.

There are still times when circumstances get me down and I struggle with depression.  However, I don’t let it completely encompass me.

Recently, I had a life changing situation take place.  This was unexpected and very hurtful.  The old me would have allowed the negative self-talk to creep in.  The old me may have even attempted suicide.

However, none of that was an option for me.  I still struggled through all of the emotions of betrayal and grief, but I turned to the ultimate provider of answers.  I spent hours fasting, praying and studying my Bible for answers.

This was the first time when I really saw the change that God was bringing about in my heart.

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