Wellness Tuesday: Schedule Changes Wreak Havoc with Weight Loss

Schedule changes leads to learning a new routine

Schedule changes leads to learning a new routine

I’ve been thrown off track and changes in my schedule have not helped.

Some of these changes have been temporary, including a two month stint working 3rd shift.

I’m a natural night owl, so I thought this would be no problem.  However, I’ve discovered that working at night three nights a week I am eating more on those nights and exercising less.

This is not healthy when you are trying to lose weight.

Although, I’ve attempted to choose healthy snacks {nuts, grapes, carrot sticks, etc} and sensible meals I’ve not always made the wisest choices.

So now I’m adjusting to a new schedule to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. The things is I’m determine to get back on track.

How have schedule changes wreaked havoc with your weight loss?

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