Questions About Depression

As we wrap up this series next week, how can you tell if someone you love is depressed?file0001711040321

Questions to ask yourself about depressed person

  • What are the typical signs and symptoms of depression in your family member or friend?
  • What behaviors or language do you observe when depression is worse?
  • What behaviors or language do you observe when he or she is doing well?
  • What circumstances trigger episodes of more severe depression?
  • What activities are most helpful when depression worsens?

*if the situation gets too bad contact your loved ones physician


How can you tell if you are depressed?

Depression questions to ask self:

  • Do you have severe mood swings?
  • Do you feel guilty, worthless or helpless?
  • Are you fully enjoying life?
  • I feel hopeless about the future?edited IMG_8002
  • I find little pleasure or joy in life?
  • I have difficulty concentrating when I read?
  • I have difficulty making decisions?
  • I feel sad, blue and unhappy?
  • I am easily agitated?
  • I am fatigued easily?
  • I’ve lost all interest in life?
  • I’ve lost interest in hobbies and activities I once enjoyed?
  • I’ve had a significant change in weight or appetite?
  • I have trouble sleeping or sleep too much?
  • I feel hopeless or worthless?
  • I think about suicide or death?
  • I don’t feel like myself?
  • I feel trapped?
  • I require a lot of motivation to perform day to day task {get out of bed, etc}?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please see your doctor.

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