The Pain Behind My Smile

When we pass one another in the hall it’s easy to paste on a smile and ask “how are you?”

The majority of the time the person only wants to hear one response, “Fine”.

But, how many times do we paste a smile on our face and lie.

Do you mask your pain with a smile?

So why do we lie?

We lie because we know that’s what the other person wants to hear.

We lie because we don’t want to burden others with our pain.

However, what if we were honest and shared how we felt when asked?

Maybe we don’t want to share with everyone, but we can always find one or two trustworthy friends in which to confide.

  • Friends that will really listen.
  • Friends that will pray with us and for us.

Instead, all too often we let our pride get in the way and we put on a mask to hide the pain.

Do you wear a smile behind your pain?  Is there one person you can confide in?


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