Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series—Myths about Abuse

Often people have misconceptions about domestic violence.  Sometimes they think that women enjoy being beat, the woman is crazy or that those without money or education are the most battered.  All of these are very wrong.

Let’s take a look at some myths about abuse.    myths vs facts


 Battered women do not enjoy it—women do not enjoy being put down, financially cut off, hit or abused in any other way.  Would you if the tables were turned?

 Battered women are not crazy—a battered woman is not crazy.

  Battered women ask for it—battered women do not ask to be abused.

 The lower class are not more likely to be abused over middle or upper class—abuse does not know income levels or class.  There are just as many wealthy and middle class women suffering from some type of domestic violence as lower class women.

 Battered women are not uneducated or unsuccessful—I have a college education and have heard of women with a PhD that were in abusive relations.  Even well educated women do not recognize the early stages of an abusive relationship.   not crazy

  Batterers are always men—this is also wrong.  Men are more predominantly the abuser, but there are men who are being abused.  My former sister-in-law was clearly the abuser in the relationship with her husband.  {No surprise, she learned from her brother, my ex.}

 Batterers are violent in all their relationships—my batterers were often like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  There were family members {theirs} that never saw their violent side.  They put on a sweet, loving façade for their family members.



What are some myths you had about domestic violence?



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