Losing our self dignity

The more abuse I endured, the more my self dignity was chipped away.

Looking in the mirror one day I did not recognize who I’d become. I had no self respect, no self love and no self dignity.

I was losing my mind, my head, my self esteem, and my confidence. How much more could I take?

I had become a shell of a person. I had lost myself in the with every insult, degradation and criticism.

Domestic violence steals so much more than just our peace of mind from us. The psyche is slowly destroyed and broken away until we become nothing.

My husband used to tell me God would not love me until I was well, but he never could define what this meant.

I knew this was a lie. After all, “God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whosoever believeth in Him should have eternal life.” {John 3:16}

We do not have to settle for the lies and self degradation that comes with domestic violence.

We deserve so much more than to be an emotional and physical punching bag for someone else.

What have you lost?

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