Behind the Hymn: Lead Me To Calvary

Lead Me to Calvary was written by Jennie Evelyn Hussey.

Hussey was born on February 8, 1874 and grew up on a family farm in Nenniker, New Hampshire. She was the fourth generation to live on the homestead, following her Quaker ancestors. She was a member of the Society of Friends.

She began writing in her teens and in addition to over 150 hymns, she also provided stories for children, crocheting and needlework patterns and articles about flowers.

Jennie was an invalid from rheumatism. One source said she also spent her life caring for a sibling. However, she is said to always have a cheerful attitude.

Her first hymns were published in 1898.

She is best known for her hymn Lead Me to Calvary. The hymn was written in 1921 and first appeared in New Songs of Praise and Power.

Jeannie Hussey died in 1958 in Concord, New Hampshire.

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