Healing Power of Music

Music has the power to heal.

Music helps to organize the brain.  Research has proven that the use of music can even dramatically decrease the amount of medication an individual may need.

Music has the power to heal

Music has the power to heal

Music has been known to help improve not only moods, but also serious injuries such as
neurological damage.

For individuals with Alzheimer’s music assist in managing emotions and preserving the connection to others. 

Music often causes an individual to begin clapping hands, tapping their foot or singing along.

Music is even known to assist individuals with issues such as insomnia, cancer, joint problems and a majority of other illnesses and issues.

Research has shown that music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate with the beat, change breathing and heart rate and promote calmness.  Even after an individual has finished listening to music the benefits continue to last.

The benefits of music are endless, which is why it is no surprise that music therapy is growing in popularity.  Next week we will discuss the importance of music therapy.

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