Behind the Song: Getting Used to the Family of God

Getting Used to the Family of God is another Gaither song that I often love to sing along with The Family of God.

While the titles of these songs are similar, they are two very different, yet beautifully touching and expressive songs.

Getting Used to the Family of God was written in 1974, four years after The Family of God.

I have been unable to discover at this time the inspiration behind this beautiful song.

Was it due to a difficult Christian brother or sister or the longing for eternity? Hopefully one day the Gaithers will share the story with us.

Another beautiful song by Bill and Gloria Gaither

What I do love is the reminder that we need to get used to one another and learn to love one another because we will be spending eternity with one another. After all, we are the family of God.

The song was published in the 1976 Hymns for the Family of God along with other gospel song books and Gaither song books.

The Gaither’s have embraced with this song how to show God’s love to one another.

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful praise song.



We all need to remember that we are Getting Used to the Family of God when we allow someone to get on our nerves #songstories Share on X

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