Getting My Heart Right

A while back I was to teach Bible Study for my residents. I had everything ready and began bringing residents into the activities room.

Then several visitors came in, each speaking with the same resident. More than thirty minutes passed as this resident continued to manipulate the time and other residents began to leave. Nothing seemed to stop the interruption.

Throwing up my hands, I went about my work while anger and frustration continued to well up within me with each passing moment.

Finally, the resident came to ask about Bible Study.

“I was ready. I’ve been waiting. You’ve been too busy talking.” I snapped, instantly feeling bad for my response.

Once again, I began the process of finding residents and getting everything ready.

But I couldn’t continue. My heart wasn’t where it should be.

“I did not mean to snap at you, but I was ready, and we should not have been delayed so long.” Taking a deep breath, I calmly explained where I came from, forcing myself to listen to what the resident had to say.

“Let’s pray before we begin the lesson. I need to get my heart right.” We prayed before I began teaching. I could not teach a Bible lesson with a heart that was out of tune.

How has God healed you?

I did not feel the lesson was very good given the earlier circumstances, but my residents enjoyed it. Even when I did not feel good enough God was able to minister to myself and these ladies.

How many times do we set out in life to do something, but our heart is not right?

King David cried out “create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.”  {Psalm 51:10}

Is there an area where you need to make your heart right?

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