Finding Joy in a Sad World

We live in a world that says “don’t worry, be happy.”

Sometimes joy is hard to find

Sometimes joy is hard to find

When we are depressed, happiness is hard to find.  Not because we don’t want to be happy, but because it doesn’t come.

There are some that are able to fake happiness for a time, but eventually the old feelings of sadness will creep back in.

There are others, like me that wear our feelings on our sleeves.  Our faces, actions and demeanors express what we are finding inside.

Sadly, most people do not want to be around someone that is depressed.  People do not want to be brought down.  People that are depressed seem to become even more isolated because friends and family may not want to be around them.

Also, the depressed person often shuts down and enjoys being alone.

This is why it is so difficult to find joy in a sad world.  Depression usually leads to loneliness.


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