Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series— 3 Places to Find Safety from Domestic Violence

Last week we discussed why women returned to an abusive situation.

One important factor of leaving an abuser, is having a safe place to turn.

Some places to turn are:

  1. Family members—is there a family member you can stay with?  Is there a family member that livesout of town or out o
    drawing of a domestic violence shelter room

    drawing of a domestic violence shelter room

    f state that you could stay with?

  2. Friends and Co-Workers—do you have a friend or co-worker that would allow you to stay with them?  Do they know of someone that has an extra room or area where you can stay?
  3. Domestic Violence Shelters—there are many shelters that help victims of domestic violence.  These shelters take every precaution to protect the families staying with them, as well as providing the necessary counseling and resources to help the victim get on her feet.
  4. Bonus: Hospital and Police—if the abuser has placed his hands physically on you in anger, the victim can contact the police and press charges.  He will be temporarily kept in jail until he goes before a judge and a restraining order will be placed.  If nothing else, this might give the victim time to make her escape. Also, if medical assistance is needed this is a temporary reprieve that allows you a chance to think, talk with social services, contact family and formulate an escape plan.


If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE {7233}.

Join the Conversation: Where are some other places you have found safety from domestic violence?

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