Wellness Tuesday: Calorie Counts for Eating Out Vs. Dining In

We saved half our calories cooking our meal...

We saved half our calories cooking our meal…

None of us at home enjoy cooking!  We do so because it is a necessity.  However, we also eat out way too often. The other day we were both longing for breakfast but not in the mood to cook.  We discussed ordering breakfast from a well-known restaurant. Being contentious of the calories left in our diet for the day, we researched the calories to determine what we could order for that day.

....compared going out to eat

….compared going out to eat

We were shocked and amazed at the calories in a simple breakfast at this restaurant.  However, a quick check of other brand name restaurants proved they were all on par with the calorie count. Needless to say, we ended up cooking at home that evening.  Once we tallied up the calorie count on MyFitnessPal, we discovered that we had saved ourselves over half of the calories we would have eaten had we ordered from the restaurant.   Join the Conversation: What do you do to save calories?

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