Rebel to Redeemed: Down the Broken Path

After battling with God and begging Him to please allow me to be with Duncan*, I embarked on a long, downhill journey. green-grass-on-a-pavement

My relationship with Duncan continued to grow.  There were more red flags, but I ignored the.   There were a lot of things he said that did not add up, but I did not listen to the inner voice that was trying to warn me to be careful.

About six months after I had the inner battle, I moved two states away to be with Duncan.   I thought this was the man of my dreams and he would make me happy.  I believed he was all he CLAIMED to be.

As I left my apartment the final time that evening, I heard a voice say “you’ll lose it all before you regain it back.”

I had no idea just how right that voice was.  I was about to lose it all.


*Name changed

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