Depression Changed My Life and Health

The summer after high school were wrought with bad choices.  I moved out of my parents for a short period of time.  However, the conditions were less than ideal.

I Was Crying for Help without realizing it

I Was Crying for Help without realizing it

I returned home in time to attend college, as we’d planned.  I was so excited to have my freedom, but being three hours away from everyone I knew and loved was too much.

Instead of seeking out a school counselor, physical issues began to crop up.  Migraine headaches became more common.  One day I was so lonely and overwhelmed, that my headache got out of hand.

I took a number of Tylenol thinking that would “help my headache”.  I knew I was taking more than I should and crying out for help, but couldn’t admit that feeling to even myself.

My actions caused me to be hospitalized.

I was now seeing a counselor under a doctor’s order.  The counselor prescribed Lithium, but there were more negative side effects.  I gained eighty pounds in the next six months.

If you’ve read my blogs on weight loss, you know this battle with my weight has remained a constant in my life since then.

The weight also took a toll on my mental health as I struggled with issues of self-confidence and self-esteem.

My depression had taken a serious toll on both my life and my health.


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