Wellness Tuesday—When Your Beliefs Are Deeply Ingrained

Recently I had a discussion with a friend about my weight loss situation.  She has also struggled with her weight over the years.  One topic that came up in our discussion was how deeply our thoughts are ingrained.  These thoughts have a huge impact on how much we succeed in this journey.

Mine are often negative thoughts and beliefs that rose when I was in my domestic violence situation.  For me, some of these thoughts include:ingrained belief

o   I have to eat this or there may not be enough food later

o   If I lose the weight I will be hurt again

o   No one will ever want me

o   I can eat whatever I want without it affecting my weight


As you can see, these are not healthy thoughts.  I’ve worked for years to change my thoughts in these areas, along with others. Still, I find myself reverting back to these negative thoughts at times.

Dealing with depression and lack of motivation only add to the frustration.

What beliefs are so ingrained that you struggle with weight loss?


Next week: Ways to Change Deeply Ingrained Beliefs

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