Wellness Tuesday: Each Day is a Conscious Decision to Make the Right Choices

I Choose to do my best

I Choose to do my best

So I’ve messed up.  However, I was reminded last week that each day is a conscious decision to make the right choices.

  • Just because I messed up for breakfast doesn’t mean I have to make bad choices the rest of the day.
  • Just because I had a candy bar in the afternoon, doesn’t mean I can’t eat a sensible supper
  • Just because I didn’t get up early enough to walk before work, doesn’t mean I can walk after work
  • Just because I didn’t make healthy choices today, doesn’t mean I can’t start over tomorrow with better choices.

Each day we have the choice.  Even when we mess up we can get back on track with the next meal or next day.

How do you make a conscious decision to make right choices?

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