Christmas in the Air: Sounds of Christmas

This year has been unique all by itself and as I thought about ways to celebrate the Christmas season I decided we will celebrate the most wonderful time of the year using our senses. We will explore Christmas through the sights, sounds, smells, taste, feelings, words, and traditions of the season. How we celebrate each of these may vary depending on our location and traditions but an underlying current of each runs through them to tie us all together.

Sounds of Christmas

  1. Bells ringing on every street corner
  2. Melodious Carols filling the air .
  3. Laughter and Good Cheer at every turn
  4. Crackling logs
  5. Sleigh bells
  6. Christmas songs
  7. A baby’s cry reminds us of the true meaning of the season
  8. Ho Ho Ho as we strain for Santa to appear
  9. Horse hooves
  10. Friendly banter with all those we meet

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