Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series–5 Ways to Find Healing Upon Leaving a Domestic Violence Situation

Leaving a domestic violent situation is not easy or for the faint of heart.

Not only is there the loss of a marriage, but the emotional and physical pain that has to be dealt with.

After my first marriage ended, I buried the pain and tried to move on.  The only thing this did was make me angry.

After the second relationship ended, I knew I needed help and time to heal.

Find Support through this difficult time

Find Support through this difficult time

  1. Professional Counseling—many insurance companies provide a limited amount of counseling at a reduced price. Check with your insurance company. If you have no insurance and do not have the funds to pay a counselor search for a free clinic, etc.
  2. Shelters—often offer a weekly support group
  3. DivorceCare—many churches now offer this twelve week program.
  4. Celebrate Recovery—many churches now offer this ongoing program.
  5. Writing/Journaling—writing or journaling your feelings through the process of healing is a great way to work through feelings.  I did this for two years after leaving my relationship.  I wrote a daily letter to my husband {never mailed} sharing all that I felt at that moment.  This included everything from love to anger to hate and shame.  This was a therapeutic way to express myself and my feelings.

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