3 Weight Loss Programs that Are Christ Centered

As I wrap up sharing about my weight loss journey, I would like to share about three weight loss programs that are Christ Centered.  If you’ve been reading my blogs you will have heard me mention all of these before.

  1. First Place 4 Health—this program began in the early 1980s at First Baptist in Houston, Texas. The program has since
    First Place 4 Health is a new way to healthy living

    First Place 4 Health is a new way to healthy living

    expanded to countries around the country.  Carole Lewis lead this organization for over a decade and is the author to numerous books such as Give God a Year, Living Well {365 Devotions for a Balanced Life}, Stop It!, and Live Life Right Here Right Now.

The program is now led by Vicki Heath, author of Don’t Quit Get Fit and The Wellness Journey of a Lifetime.

First Place offers numerous Bible Studies that a small group can study together.  The topics are numerous, and there are even short ones for the summer and holidays.   This is a great resource for churches to use to encourage and uplift one another. The Bible Studies also provide CDs with scripture put to music for better memorization.

First Place also has a cookbook, online recipes, monthly newsletter, online support groups, workshops, retreats and Wellness Week.

  1. The Daniel Plan is based on the 40 day fast of Daniel in the Old Testament

    The Daniel Plan is based on the 40 day fast of Daniel in the Old Testament

    The Daniel Plan—this is a 40 day fitness program developed by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. You may know him best as the author of The Purpose Driven Life.  He partnered with three well known doctors {Dr. Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Mark Hyman} to develop a plan that will transform your spiritual, physical and emotional health.  The program is based off of Daniel in the Old Testament.

The Daniel Plan has DVDs and study guides, a book and a cookbook, along with workout DVDs, a blog, the ability to track your progress, and success stories. Many of their products are also available in Spanish.



  1. PrayFit—this program is designed and founded by Jimmy and Loretta Peña. Jimmy has worked with celebrities such as
    PrayFit focuses on prayer, fitness and nutrition

    PrayFit focuses on prayer, fitness and nutrition

    Tyler Perry, Mario Lopez and LL Cool J.   Jimmy Peña is also on the advisory board for The Daniel Plan.

PrayFit consist of a 30 day devotional and fitness guide, cookbook, DVDs, daily devotions emailed to you, and a subscription services iPrayFit {cost is $10-$15/mo depending on chosen plan}.  iPrayFit includes small groups curriculum, workouts, recipes and cooking tips each month according to it’s website.

Which of these programs are you most excited about?


Note: Thank you for following me on this journey of weight loss and I hope you will join me in October at TrinityChristianLifeCoaching for a revamped section on health and wellness.

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