10 Ways for Motivation to Exercise

A walking partner is a great source of encouragement

A walking partner is a great source of encouragement





I’ve shared my struggle since getting off track.

I’ve been working through my schedule changes and other distractions to resume my weight loss regimen.

One big issue is finding the proper motivation to lose weight.

The biggest motivation is health issues.  I want to be healthy and feel good about myself.  I see the effects obesity is taking on my body and health and I don’t want to endure the lingering effects.

So some ways to motivate myself are?

Notes of Encouragement helps with motivation

Notes of Encouragement helps with motivation

  1. Have a walking partner—this leads to accountability
  2. Imagine how we’ll look losing those added pounds
  3. Read Inspirational Materials—blogs and books of those that have made the transformation
  4. Connect with others struggling on Forums. MyFitnessPal and SparksPeople both have forums.
  5. Attend an exercise class
  6. Set small goals to reach and celebrate when they are reached. Then set another small goal.
  7. Write down how you feel after exercising.
  8. Write encouraging messages around the house that will serve as motivation.
  9. Set longer term goals also that will serve as a challenge.
  10. Hang out with high energy kids or animals.


How do you stay motivated?


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