TV Series Review: The Crown

The Crown is well worth watching

The Crown is well worth watching

The Crown is a great series for all those fans that love and miss Downton Abbey.  The Crown is of the same caliber of filmtelling as Downtown Abbey and a new series not to be missed.

The Crown is a new TV series by Netflix, which follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

The series begins with Princess Elizabeth marriage to Phillip Mountbatten.

Parts of her back story, such as her uncle Edward VIII renouncement of the throne, and her life during World War II are told through flashback scenes as needed and seamlessly tied in with the storyline.

The series follows through her early years as a bride, the death of her father, her coronation and her sister, Margaret’s, love affair with Peter Townsend.  Then there is her husband’s struggle to accept her new position and role in both their family and for their country.

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II

The episodes flow and build one upon another leaving the viewer wanting more.  Although, I knew the account of events from history I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode to discover what happened next .

Claire Foy does a marvelous job bringing a young Queen Elizabeth to life.  I was amazed at how much she both resembled and captured the essence of the queen.

The series was developed and produced by Peter Morgan, who wrote the 2006 film, The Queen. 

The research and costume design on this set is phenomenal really giving us an in-depth look behind palace walls at the emotions that went on within the family that lives in

Cast of The Crown

Cast of The Crown

Buckingham Palace.

Even an older Uncle Edward makes an appearance at various times while the family continues to deal with effects from his decision so long ago.

The Crown follows Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother lives from 1947 until 1955.  I even loved seeing Elizabeth’s grandmother, Queen Mary, brought to life.

John Lithgow as Winston Churchill

John Lithgow as Winston Churchill

Of course, we can’t forget John Lithgow in the role of Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the sunset of his political career.  Churchill guides the young queen while battling illness and calls within his party to step down.  Lithgow’s portrayal is an Emmy award winning performance {at least in my opinion}.  You actually believe you are spending time with Churchill.

A second season has already been commissioned of The Crown, but I promise if you love historical drama this is one series you don’t want to miss.

The only downfall I find with the series is having to wait a year for the next installment.

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