In the Struggle: You Are What You Eat

Recently, a friend of mine posted a picture of this sign.

11540892_10204672789646791_6330421490210419441_nThe sign says, “what you eat in private, you wear in public.”

This really gave me pause to stop and think.

How many times over the years had I gone on a binge of one kind or another?  Sometimes there was a craving, was I lonely or depressed.  Other times I felt that I had a valid reason because I was hungry or had a migraine.

I would overindulge and cram food into my mouth.  However, then I would hide the trash and evidence of my weakness.  I thought no one was aware of my binge eating.

After all they didn’t know what I ate in private when no one else was around.

They may not KNOW but they could see it.  The evidence was clear for everyone to see.  I carried it on my body with me everywhere I went.  I was unable to shed the true evidence of my deception.

In the long run the person I was truly hurting was myself.  Everyone else could see what I was doing to myself, even when I couldn’t.

I’ve worked hard to overcome this binge eating, but it’s not been easy.  I’ve had to learn to be honest with myself and admit why I was truly eating.

The more I’m honest with myself the less I eat in secret.  This is making it much easier for the weight to come off, because I am not sabotaging myself.

I’m still a work in progress, but most days I find myself taking baby steps to move forward.

Do you hide what you eat?

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