Where the Spirit of the Lord Is


My grandmother will turn 93 this week.  She is slowing down as she grows older, however

Do you enjoy being where the spirit of the Lord is?

even in her twilight years there is still one place she wants to go.

That place is to church.  Her hearing is not what it once was and even with hearing aids, there are times she struggles to understand what is being said.

Having grown up in the days when hymns were the musical means of worship, she struggles with the new, more modern forms of worship.

However, through it all she still wants to be in church.

Hymns share the story of God’s love and Jesus sacrifice through music

Getting up and dressed is much more difficult and even means asking for assistance at times, but it is still worth it to her to be in church.

“I just love feeling the spirit of God when I’m there.”  That is her response when asked why she wants to go to church.

Even when she is unable to attend church, she worships with the local broadcast through the television.

“There’s nothing like actually being there and in the presence of God,” she said.

At the age of 93, she is still a living example of what living your faith means.  She is a testament to our family and a reminder to draw closer to God and stay in His presence.

Do you enjoy being where the spirit of the Lord is?  Do you live out your faith?

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