When You Never Do Right






King David took Bathsheba as his own and when she became pregnant he had to find a quick fix.  He called her husband, Uriah the Hittite, in from the battle field. But instead of

David was immediately drawn to Bathsheba

going to his wife, as David commanded, Uriah refused stating a code of honor to his fellow soldiers still on the battlefield.  After Uriah repeatedly refused he was sent back to the battlefield and his own death.

Uriah was loyal to his king, but his king was not loyal to him.  First, he had sex with his wife.  Then, he tried to cover up the sin and finally he had Uriah placed on the front battle lines, knowing this meant certain death.

Uriah did what he felt was right and loyal to his king, but it was never right and it was never enough.  In the end, Uriah provided the ultimate sacrifice, when he died.

Do you ever feel as if you can never do anything right?

Do you feel as if you can never do any right?

When I was in my abusive relationship, I felt just that way.

  • No matter how much I gave of myself
  • No matter how loyal I was
  • No matter how much I strived to do what was asked
  • No matter how much I gave, gave, gave
  • No matter how much I did what was right
  • No matter how much I gave my all
  • No matter how much I gave until I could give no more


Bathsheba became the mother to Solomon

David took Bathsheba as is wife after the death of Uriah, but he also brought pain upon his house.  The prophet Nathan confronted him about the situation.

David cried out and said, “I have sinned against the Lord”.  {2 Samuel 12:9}

But David still had to face the consequences of his actions.  He had to deal with the death of his first born with Bathsheba, he had to deal with the sword never leaving his family and his sons turning on one another, and he had to deal with the Lord’s anger at him.

Yet, he called on the Lord, admitted his sin and God forgave him.  We are told in 1 Kings 15:5 that except for this one thing, David did all things which were right in the eyes of the Lord.

We all need forgiveness from time to time

When it got to the point I felt as if I never did wrong, I began to cry out to the Lord.  After three years of crying out to God and giving my relationship over into his hands, he rescued me from that relationship.

If you are in a situation where you never do right, call out to the father.  He will give you strength to carry you through and rescue you from this tumultuous time {either by changing you or the situation—he works differently in every situation and never works as we imagine he will}.

Have you had enough?  Who do you cry out to?


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