What is Creative Praying?

So, I’m excited to start a new series to run throughout the summer on Friday’s.  I’ve been wanting to do this series on creative praying for a long time and this is a great time to explore new ways to draw closer to God and spend time in meditation and prayer.    {The opportunity for guest blogs will be open in September, so contact me now for the

Dancing is a great way to unleash bottled up feelings

opportunity to be a guest poster.}

So, before we begin:

What is Creative Praying?

Creative praying is discovering a creative venue to worship and spend time with God in a more intimate and comprehensive manner.

This is a time to share your heart with God, but also to grow still {quiet} enough to be able to listen to God and hear his voice.

Creative praying can also be using your gifts and abilities to do something for someone else.  While performing this act, spend time praying for that person.  Later on in the series, we will discuss various ideas to bless someone else.

How do you pray creatively?


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